Please explain why you would like to volunteer for our Legacy Retreat® ministry opportunity, what personal goals you have for this retreat, and what spiritual gifts and talents you have that you believe will bless the families we will be serving.

Inheritance of Hope is a faith-based organization serving under the core beliefs of the Christian faith while welcoming families of all faiths and backgrounds. Our beliefs are outlined as follows: • We believe that true hope in the midst of a crisis like that of a parent’s terminal illness can only be found in the promise of eternal life found in repentance and acceptance of the gift of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. This is our eternal legacy. • We believe that Legacy Retreat® activities for families should promote hope and joy in the promises of Jesus Christ. • We believe that a Legacy Retreat® should not be a clinical environment for evaluation or counseling, but instead be a place of fun, fellowship, and learning about leaving a legacy for children living with a terminally ill parent. • We believe that counselors and volunteers should comfort, encourage, and serve family members in the love of Jesus Christ.

The role of volunteering with IoH is a rich and rewarding experience that can be stressful and emotionally demanding. Can you identify and give an example of your emotional strengths and weaknesses?

Can you identify and give an example of your physical strengths and weaknesses?

The volunteer role is truly one of presence; are you willing and comfortable to unplug from your phone for hours at a time? How would you actively engage while serving your family or serving in a children’s group?

Needs to be someone who is not attending the Legacy Retreat

Please share one reference outside of Inheritance of Hope who is a leader in your church.

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Required if applicant is under the age of 18

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Please complete the following information to help us prepare the most comfortable and enjoyable retreat for you and our families.

Do you have any training and/or experience in working with people who have special needs: autism, Asperger's, ADHD, hearing impairment, vision impairment, etc.?

We have found that your community is interested in supporting you. If willing, please list local media or other community outlets so that we can ensure their awareness of your Legacy Retreat® participation. Think of newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, church, work, school communities, or alumni organizations/clubs